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With their surprising strength, agility, and natural curiosity, toddlers are experts at climbing, “escaping” and exploring…it only takes “a second” and they have defeated your best efforts to watch and protect them!

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"To prevent drowning, and enrich the lives of children, by teaching them survival swimming and floating skills."

One of the greatest dangers your child will face is water. In fact, in 18 states drowning ranks as the most prominent cause of accidental death for children less than 4 years of age. California is one of the leaders in this tragic statistic.


  • Wendy Howard

    I'm not a very good swimmer and we have a pool. Even with a pool fence I was very aprehensive about the water with my daughter Kaelyn. I had been googling swim lessons for infants when she was about 6 months old when The ISR website caught my attention. I had seen a segment on the today show a few years ago and was amazed. We decided to sign her up and I was amazed at what she learned at such a young age. To see my baby be able to roll over from face down to face up in the water was amazing! I cried with relief and amazement when I saw it. We are signing her up again this year as well. I tell everyone about ISR and Rebekah. The teachers at her daycare love to hear and see pictures of Kaelyns progress. We are all amazed at what babies are capable of at such a young age. Sincerely,

    Wendy Howard
  • The Smith Family

    We have had both of our daughters take ISR lessons. After the first summer of lessons our 4 year old who is now 7 fell into a pool at a Birthday Party. There were at least 30 people in the back yard me and my husband weren't more than 10 feet from the pool. We never heard a cry or a splash. All of a sudden someone said is Emma okay and we were looking around - she was on the side of the pool soaking wet from head to toe. She had fallen in the deep end of the pool and by no means was she an active swimmer at this time. But she had her ISR lessons and we Thank God for that. She was able to get herself safely out of the pool. Our youngest has completed her lessons as well and we haven't had such a traumatic situation but without ISR I wouldn't feel safe with our children being around pools. Rebekah is amazing with the Kids she is Patient and Caring and will do anything for the kids to get their float. She is dedicated and her ability to work well with the children is a gift. Lots of Love,

    The Smith Family
  • Denise

    My daughter started her ISR lesson when she was around nine months old. I had already witnessed the importance of these lessons with my niece's who had already gone through the lessons and had learned so much. I was amazed how Rebekah was able to teach a child who was not even a year old how to relax and float on her back in a pool without any help. I had the unfortunate opportunity to see if the lesson paid off when my then 1 1/2 year old fell into my parents pool and before we could reach her she did exactly what she should have and flipped her little body over onto her back and floated until we got to her to pull her out. I just have one word for what Rebekah does and that is amazing. Thank you,

  • Angie

    We had our 16 month old son take ISR lessons with Rebekah shortly after learning of the tragic drowning of a family friend's 22 month old grandson.  Rebekah is a highly skilled and incredibly gifted instructor. She is loving and gentle with the children, and works with them in such a way that they have fun while they are learning valuable life-saving skills. These are not your typical swimming lessons!  We were amazed to watch the progress our son made during the course of his instruction with Rebekah.  If you want your child to have every safety advantage possible in the event of a water accident,  We HIGHLY recommend ISR lessons and Central Valley Swim!  It is so worth the money. Honestly, how much is your child's life worth?



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